Friday, February 1, 2013

Bye Bye Butterfly!

Prague was such an amazing experience! The final stop on our wonderful trip to Europe this term. During our time here, I visited the Dvorak Museum! It was easily one of the smallest sites I’ve seen on this trip but completely filled with the artifacts of his life. It was absolutely wonderful, his garden has four statues in the garden specifically designed to represent the four seasons, I thought that was interesting. I really enjoyed skimming through the different piano pieces composed by Dvorak.

One of my favorite experiences of the trip: Madame Butterfly!!! I absolutely loved this performance, although it is a tragic story the music truly made this experience mind blowing. The music was beautiful. The singing was absolutely breath taking. The drama and acting completely drew the audience in! I could not have thought of a better way to finish this musical experience! I adored the child that played the little boy – so cute!

The next day we got a tour of the Jewish Quarter. This part of the trip was so hard to get through without tears. I enjoyed listening to the history of the place from our tour guide. We went to a place where we got to see over a thousand names of Jews that died. There is no easy way to express the emotions and thoughts that came into my mind while touring the Jewish Quarter.

 On the last two nights we had some interesting dinner experiences! The first was a dinner cruise on the Vltava River! The food was delicious and seeing Prague at night from the view of the river was absolutely beautiful. There was nothing like spending that time with some of the best people I’ve had the privilege to meet.  The last dinner was a Czech folklore dinner. This was fabulous! I loved the food and it was so fun to just hang out and watch folk dances and listen to folk songs, it was a complete cultural shock. I remember sitting there on the wooden bench and looking at these friends that I recently got to know and thinking “there is no way this trip is real”. We learned and experienced so much in such a short time. It was amazing and it was a very fun way to spend our last evening together.

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