Friday, February 1, 2013


Okay. I do not even know how to describe how much I love Prague. It is beautiful, peaceful yet bustling, and full of history and culture just like Vienna.

On our way to Prague we got a taste of the beauty that was in store for us. Above is Telc, a little town restored to its 14th century charm. We stopped here for lunch midway to Prague and it was well work the stop. 
Frozen lake and some natural beauty outside of Telc. Maybe you can tell how cold it was?
Our first encounter with Prague was at night. Check out the enchanting Old Town Square at night. It is seriously better than Disneyland. 
My first Czech meal. DELICIOUS goulash with bacon dumplings. I can't even describe how tasty this meal was. 
Here is some of the crew walking through the village on the outskirts of Prague castle. So cozy, quaint, historic and delightful. 
A view of Prague from the castle on the hill. How gorgeous is THAT in the snow? 
Ducks swimming under the 14th century Charles Bridge. 
The beauty of Old Town Square during the day. Equally as beautiful as it is at night. 
Art Nouveau glass overhang by Alfonse Mucha, an important aspect of Czech culture as the Art Nouveau movement was begun by Czech nationalist Mucha during the late 1800s. 
Delicious cappuccino in Prague. I enjoyed this delicacy in a completely Art Nouveau cafe - all original furnishings. We weren't supposed to take pictures of the furnishings, unfortunately...let me just tell you it was gorgeous and you need to go to Prague and check it out for yourself. 
Here are some of my friends lost in Prague. Prague is probably the best place in the world to get lost in and explore. 
The amazing Charles Bridge and the "New" Town of Prague. "New" meaning 14th century. "Old" meaning pre-14th century. Pretty amazing. 
The old Jewish cemetery in use until 1787. I've never seen anything like it before in my life! Exploring the Jewish quarter of Prague was a moving and interesting experience. We went to the synagogues that are full of Jewish culture and history - from the beginnings of the Jewish population in Prague dating back to the 13th century to the upheaval of the Jewish people during the Nazi regime. 
Cuties in Prague. 
Awesome van in the snow on our way to the John Lennon Wall. 
Dr. Powell in front of the John Lennon Wall. This wall was a symbol of freedom and revolution for the Czech people during the communist regime. After 1989, when the regime ended, this wall became a permanent part of Prague and a reminder of the people's fight for democracy. A really neat thing about the timing of our trip to Prague - we were there during their first presidential election where the people got to vote. Previously, the president has only been selected by the Czech parliament. This was a very exciting and monumental time for the Czech people. It made me truly appreciate my right to vote, something a lot of people in the US take for granted sometimes, myself included.
Karla, me, John Lennon, and Katie
Katie and Karla at U Fleku, a yummy traditional Czech restaurant on the outskirts of Prague. We ate a delicious meal there while an accordion-playing man serenaded us.
On Charles Bridge...sunset over Prague on our last evening. 

After all of this...we had to go home. I'm still not over it. I think it will take me a long time to absorb everything I experienced. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I hope to go back to all these places one day. 

- Mary 

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