Friday, February 1, 2013


SO I finally have time to sit down and recap my favorite moments from each of the amazing cities we had the privilege to visit. 

Salzburg was the perfect place to begin our journey. It was big enough to provide plenty of activities to do and sites to see to fill up three days, but not so big as to confuse and intimidate us. 

Some highlights in Salzburg for me were....

...checking out the Mozarteum. Seriously, look at that ceiling. I wish we could have attended a concert in this beautiful hall! 

... von Karajan's birthplace... The cool thing was we just happened upon the building as we were walking along the river in Salzburg. AWESOME place to make an accidental pilgrimage to for a music nerd.

Above is the ceiling to the Salzburg cathedral where Mozart and his father, Leopold, worked. The two organ lofts in the corners of the photo are where Mozart and his father performed during mass. Leopold played organ on the right and Mozart played violin with a group of other string musicians on the left. Super cool to imagine the history in this place. 
St. Peter Restaurant - the oldest in Europe! Here we ate a fabulous dinner made from recipes dating back to the 18th century while a chamber group performed selections from Mozart operas and chamber works. It could have ended up being a really cheesy evening but the musicians were actually quite good  and I can safely say that we all enjoyed ourselves. 
Really neat lights and the menu/program from our Mozart dinner/chamber music evening! 

Here is the restaurant where I had my first REAL wiener schnitzel. Also, Triangel is apparently THE place to eat for Salzburg musicians, so we felt pretty awesome. 
My first real schnitzel. It was DELIGHTFUL. 
Here is an awesome tree we saw when we went to the FORTRESS of Salzburg. The fortress was pretty neat. We saw some historic stuff and I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings while walking around in the fortress grounds. 
Salzburg from the top of the fortress. 
Some scenes from our classy evening at the ballet in Salzburg. As a former ballerina, I enjoyed the performance very much. It was beautiful. And, of course, love conquered all in the end which was exciting as usual. The only thing we all were disappointed about with the performance was that there wasn't a live orchestra. That would have made it amazing. Oh well! 
These ladies are great. Here they are enjoying Austrian delicacies in Cafe Tomaselli - the cafe Mozart frequented during his years in Salzburg! As a lover of food and music history, this was one of my favorite trip moments. I had apple strudel and a cafe melange (basically a cappuccino with whipped cream of Viennese origin). 
Here I am with some neat ladies in front of Cafe Tomaselli. 

One thing I really enjoyed but could not photograph was Mozart's birth house. Inside they had Mozart's little violin from when he was a young boy and, super creepy, a few LOCKS OF MOZART'S REAL HAIR. It was pretty cool. All in all, Salzburg was divine and I had no idea how much more divine this trip was about to get...prepare yourselves for VIENNA. 

- Mary

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