Friday, February 1, 2013


After several intensely awesome days in Vienna, it was time to move on to explore Slovakia and it's capital, Bratislava.

Let me first talk about some of the delicious, calorie-laden food Slovakia has to offer.
Check out this spaetzle. It was amazing. Slathered in cheese sauce and topped with crispy fried onions, this is exactly what I needed after a freezing cold day. 
Potato pancakes. Unlike anything I had ever had before. Eva, our guide, told us they were a Slovakian/Czech specialty so of course, as a food lover, I had to try them. I expected they would be like hash browns but they were actually more like a pancake. A delicious, potato-y pancake with hints of garlic, cream and completely worth-it calories. Can I just say how much I love Europe? 

A couple moments from our sunny but freezing guided walking tour through Bratislava. Bratislava is a city full of rich political history - both good and bad - from the Habsburgs to the communist regime to its current state of democracy. 

An example of the neat architecture in Bratislava. That black dot to the left of the first window on the yellow building is a cannonball left from Napoleon's army during a siege back in the day. 
Inside the newly restored Slovak Philharmonic Hall. The Slovakians are extremely proud of the restoration. It is truly a beautiful building. The concert we saw in the hall was equally beautiful. A very well executed performance. 
Some yummy and interesting tea I had at Kaffe Mayer in Bratislava. 
Here is Karla in front of the "blue" Danube river in winter. Also of note - the trees behind Karla made up the former Iron Curtain, the edge of the communist arm during their regime. Happily, the Iron Curtain is no more, and this forest is open to bikers and nature enthusiasts year-round. 
Here I am in the same location :) 

Now, onto Prague!


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