Saturday, January 19, 2013

Amazing Bratislava!

I have quickly fallen in love with the biggest city in Slovakia, which isn't saying much. This small village is extremely beautiful. When we arrived here we went to the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra concert. I absolutely loved it, it was probably my second favorite concert. The director was an adorable Japanese man, there was so much expression on his face in his conducting and at the end of the concert that made watching the concert just that much more enjoyable! It was very lovely and I greatly approved of Symphonie Fantastique, I just love it. Then today we enjoyed a rather chilly walking tour of Bratislava which entailed learning about the history of this city. I'm greatly looking forward to watching Krutnava tonight and then scaling our way up to the castle tomorrow afternoon.

Beautiful organ in Reduta Hall

Good morning Bratislava!!!

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