Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm the king of the World, on a boat like Leo!

So I have never actually liked that song much except in joking, but I thought the line to be extremely fitting. Tonight, we had an amazing group dinner in the Danube, touring up current then riding the river down to Charles Bridge. The sun had set shortly after we launched, which allowed us to see the gorgeous skyline. As we went up the river, we encountered a group of seagulls that proceeded to heckle our boat. Later on, ducks charged the boat and tried to broadside us!
On another note, the food was really pretty good. There was a cold salad/meats array, and a spread of hot food with spaghetti off to the side. I tried as much food as I could in small portions and my favorite was the fried cauliflower. I have never seen it prepared that way, and I thought it was really creative. I jut though it was a nice way to semi-end (we still have our folk concert tomorrow night) our wonderful study tour abroad.

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