Sunday, January 13, 2013

And It Just Gets Better......

It's listening to groups like the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra that makes me remember why I decided to be a music major.  The technique, style, and total characteristic of the orchestra kept myself and the rest of the audience completely spellbound during their performance.  It was hard to believe that I was standing there listening to one of the world's greatest musical groups.  When it was over I had to shake myself to see if it really happened, then decided that Ravel's Bolero was my new favorite piece--especially when played by the Vienna Philharmonic.

This morning, was yet another fantastic experience.  Mass with the Vienna Boys' Choir.  As a Catholic, I was looking forward to the service already, but to be able to celebrate my religion with the young boys singing Mozart's Coronation Mass directly behind me, in a gorgeous chapel I might add, was an experience I certainly will never forget.  And just like last night's concert, I left the chapel completely spellbound, and wondering if it really happened, wishing it wasn't over yet, and praying that I'll have the chance to do something as incredible as that again.

The tour around Vienna today showed off some incredible sites, adding to my awe of the architectural structures of this country and the vast majority of the different historical stories that go along with each building, statue, and town square.

Finally, tonight we all attended Strauss' opera, Der Rosenkavalier.  The orchestra was amazing.  The sound was incredible and I definitely didn't mind that occasionally I heard the instruments louder than the vocals.  Speaking of which, the vocals were also incredible, like everything else so far on this trip.  I'm not a singer, so I only dream of being able to have as much talent as the vocalists in the opera tonight.  The sets and costumes were also amazing.  Each one had explicit details adding to the excitement.

Vienna has definitely given me a terrific first impression, and I can't wait to see what the rest of this week holds for our group!

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