Monday, January 14, 2013


Ok just had to get this out of the way since I'm a manager at one of the stores in America - 2 story McDonald's is freaking insane!!!

So Vienna Philharmonics! I have got to say it has never been a dream to go to listen to the amazing-ness that is the Vienna Philharmonics in THEIR place mainly because it was never in a thought - it never seemed like a possibility. It was breathtaking, looking back it almost feels like a dream! They played Beethoven's 7th, Firebird Suite, and Bolero (which has been continuously stuck in my head). They had such a beautiful sound, the phrasings were enough to give me chills I could not believe how quiet they were able to get! It is probably a good thing we were in the standing section because had I been sitting I would've thought I'd gone to heaven. I loved the flute solos! They made me smile they were so beautiful. The balance of the orchestra was just amazing. I wish there were words that describe my thoughts and feelings about this performance but they all come up short. it was beautiful...

Next was the Vienna Boys Choir singing Coronation Mass it was absolutely amazing. I loved the acoustics in the Imperial Palace chapel.  The service was in German and Italian, I didn't understand it, obviously but I found the traditions very interesting. It was so beautiful in there. I understand now why it is so hard to be able to get tickets for that place! It was even our guide's first time there and she was just as amazed by it as we were. I found it very inspiring to see these young boys singing such challenging and beautiful music. They do so well and it's really inspiring! Never underestimate those young ones!

We also went and toured Schonbrunn palace. Wow it was so beautiful! I kept trying to imagine what living there would be like! I don't even know what I would do with a living situation that giant, I think I would go insane. I felt super bad for the people invited to the wedding dinner - the ones that just got to stand there and watch them eat. It's amazing how different traditions and what is viewed as acceptable has changed since then.

We then spent the evening at a 4 hour long opera: Der Rosenkavalier! The opera house was exquisite, so beautiful! I enjoyed the opera. It was tiring sitting there for so long but we all pulled through. The vocalists were amazing and I had a wonderful view of the pit (minus the brass section). My ears were just like "Oh my god, music!!!" it was crazy listening to the vocalists, they were so amazing! I couldn't even imagine trying to do that. It's extremely impressive what they are able to do.

I know these experiences are things that I will always cherish for my whole life but the Philharmonic Concert will be something I will talk about forever that experience, the music, everything will always be an unforgettable moment of my life. I'm hardly even able to express the deep meaning that this concert has left on me. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

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