Thursday, January 10, 2013

Erika and the Oldest Restaurant in Europe!

The first performance we went to was a dinner performance. It was at the oldest restaurant in Europe, that was in St. Peter's Abbey. It was originally a wine cellars hat was founded in 803 a.d. The Mozart family would eat at this restaurant on occasion.

We knew that the program for last night would be Mozart centered, but we did not know that it would consist of music from Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Magic Flute. All of these pieces were performed in their proper language and dispersed between each course of our traditional Austrian meal.

We started the evening with solos and duets from Don Giovanni, then proceeded to our first course. Our first course consisted of a cheese base, lemon dumpling soup. After the first course we were entertained by solos and duets from The Marriage of Figaro. The second course, or entree was poultry, vegetables, and potato with a red wine glaze. After our entree the performers came back and presented us with duets from The Magic Flute (in German!!!!). Dessert was a honey parfait with coco, and a fruit sauce.

Dinner was entirely delicious, and the music was absolutely wonderful! The performers were very in sync with each other. The baritone had a warm,full dark tone and excellent musicianship. The soprano's voice was high and light but warm, mature, which created an effortless sounding tone. Sadly the performers' names were not listed in the menu, so we are unable to look them up and follow their careers.

I am very excited to go and see Swan Lake performed by Russian State ballet tonight, and will inform you about the performance in my next post!!!!

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