Thursday, January 10, 2013

An amazing start

Last night we went to St. Peter's Abbey, the oldest restaurant in Europe (est. 803)! It was an amazing meal with an even better chamber performance. Coming in, I had no idea what the performance was going to be. I loved the string quintet accompaniment to the vocalists. One thing I noticed was the amount of leadership and power the first violin had. I am used to the mostly shared leadership of a brass quintet, with melody, tempo and dynamics. Another thing that I noticed was the smoothness of the trills and grace notes by the entire quintet. They flowed perfectly into the melody of Eine Kleine Nacthmusik.

Tonight we watched the Russian State Ballet perform Tchikovski's Swan Lake. The only thing i wish i could have changed about the performance was that I wish the music was live. Despite this, the experience was incredible. The dancer's technique was insane! I was shocked how the male dancers were able to lift the ballerinas with no visible effort. I had seen snippets ballets on television before, but it was awe-inspiring in person.

Also, I had the opportunity to visit the Franciscan Church today. Of everything there, the sweeping arched ceilings were my favorite aspect.

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