Saturday, January 12, 2013

Summin' Up Salzburg

So Salzburg was AMAZING!!!! I absolutely loved it there! Let me just say they seriously know how to cook! WOW! I loved the Mozarteum there were so many things there including a lock of hair that I was like "why did they ever think to save this all these years?" but now it's in a museum and pretty awesome. We all got to eat in the oldest restaurant there, one of Mozart's favorites. The food was absolutely delicious and old school! My favorite was the desert! It was delicious and looked amazing - I almost didn't want to eat the treble clef. The arias were also amazing - I loved the woman's...warm and unique voice it was so beautiful. I loved living that style of life for a night, it was amazing.

On our free time I was in small groups we found this cafe that had amazing hot chocolate and THE best chocolate cake ever, it was so good! We also went to the Fortress. This adventure was with Miki, Foster, and Philip. It was snowing!!! It made the view so pretty! It was pretty amazing all the history behind that castle on the hill, and the torture stuff was pretty cool to learn about. Some of the stuff gave me shivers just thinking about - like the thumb screw, the scary chair with a whole bunch of nails, and the wheel...oh gosh the wheel!

Salzburg is a beautiful place and I'm actually really going to miss it but it's off to Vienna for more adventures, such is life. :)

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