Thursday, January 31, 2013

Four operas in three weeks

During our time in Europe we were able to see four very different and very entertaining operas.
1. The first one we saw was on our second night in Vienna. It was Der Rosenkavalier. I have one word for this particular opera: long. More than that though, this opera showcased the theatrical ability of the performers to not only sing amazingly along with the orchestra but put on a show too. They displayed their characters with transparency and gave me; as the audience a somewhat realistic view of the story that they were telling, showing off more than their voices.
2. The Barber of Seville was the second opera that we experienced. It was originally an Italian opera that was set in the 1800s. It was put in German (since we were in a German speaking country) and set in the mid 20th century in a Latin setting. Did I mention we didn't understand any of it? Regardless of the language barrier, this opera was very entertaining and fun for me to watch. It has abstract characters and everyone of them had amazing voices.
3. In Bratislava we saw Krutnava. It has beautiful choral pieces, and I really appreciated how it showed off the heritage and traditions of the Slovak people through their song and dance. But the acting left a lot to be desired for me and not all of the solos were amazing.
4. The fourth and final opera we saw was Madame Butterfly, which was a beautiful opera to end our trip with. The tragedy of this opera was made real with the characters and the songs throughout showed the feelings of the characters. It was the perfect was to cap off our trip.

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