Friday, January 18, 2013

Off to Bratislava

Today we made our way to Bratislava. It's very cold, and very snowy. But beautiful nonetheless. On our way from Vienna to Bratislava we stopped at the Eszterhazy palace and toured there. It was a beautiful estate and had been preserved nicely; we were able to hear about a lot of the history of the place and the family that lived there. When we got to Bratislava, we checked into our hotel and then made our way into the center of town for dinner and then to see he Slovakian philharmonic orchestra perform.
The concert was amazing, they began with a beautiful piece that was written for the victims of the Japan earthquake. Ou could feel the sorrow as the piece developed and the orchestra captured the emotions of the piece nicely. The rest of the concert was amazing as well and again I feel so blessed to be able to have seen and experienced so many talented musicians all in such short of a time.

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