Sunday, January 20, 2013

Krutnova: an Unexpected Surprise

I truly liked this opera the most of the three we have seen. Partially because it was brass heavy, it moved quickly through plot points and that I could see the stage easily. In the other operas we have seen (Dee Rosenkavalier and the Barber is Seville), both had very in exciting brass parts. Being a brass player, this is quite vital for my enjoyment. The trumpet player's part was quite impressive; there were a few times he was sitting on a concert High C, bouncing away on eighth notes. The bass trombone was also close to burying the orchestra at times- it was awesome!

The opera moved along very quickly as well! In the first hour, a dead body was found, a lover lamented over it AND two people got married! Each one of these is a feat to be accomplished in a full opera, let alone in the first scene. As a guy who likes to sit back and watch an action movie, this was the equivalent of James Bond compared to a documentary.

And the seats. I could see. But also, the leg room. Until the first act, Dr. Powell and I were compressed into a space that would have comfortable for about 2/3 of our femurs. To say the least, it was painful. My left leg was completely numb by the break. After standing up and moving back a row, the opera became infinitely more enjoyable.

Overall, I loved the opera, despite the language barrier (sung in Slovak, subtitles in German). It was an amazing rotating set that I was rather impressed by. If I could, I'd love to see this again. If it were in English, I think it would be even better for me.

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