Sunday, January 20, 2013

Erika and the Beautiful Bratislava

So, we arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia on Friday, to be greeted with ice snow and wind. Our hotel was "conveniently" situated on a hill, and our bus has some difficulty conquering the hill. We eventually decided to hike up the hill to our hotel. Once we arrived we realized the hike was well worth it. Our hotel was warm and filled with soft, clean, pre-made beds, and fluffy pillows. Easy to say, we were happy with our accommodations.

Nevertheless, we had tickets for a concert that night, by the Slovak Philharmonic. I must say that I enjoyed this concert very much, and it has created a new place for Berlioz in my heart.

The next night we attended a performance of Krutnava by Suchon. This was a captivating opera. A story about the death of a young girl's love, Jano. This opera was written for the house that we saw it in, and while we were watching I couldn't help but wonder what the stage was like when originally produced.

Today was the last day of our time in Bratislava. We attended mass in one of the local Catholic churches, where there was an adorable mobile nativity that a child tried very hard to push the button to no avail... :(

This afternoon some of the girls and I had fish pedicures with our guide, Eva. This was an experience all on its own... Seeing how the majority of us are extremely ticklish, it turned into something reminiscent of laughter therapy, that ended with soft feet...

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