Monday, January 14, 2013

''The only disappointing thing was that we were already standing so I was robbed of the novelty of leaping to my feet for a standing ovation.''

The title of this entry can pretty much sum up my take on the Vienna Philharmonic. I suppose I should explain; we had standing seats at the back of the house, so we were already on our feet when the end of the program came. They played a beautiful set, consisting of Beethoven's 7th, Stravinsky's 'Firebird Suite', and Ravel's Bolero. They played with such astounding accuracy, every note articulated with such precision and tonality. I think we were all positively taken aback by this stunning performance. I'd also like to comment on the performance of Der Rosenkavelier we saw last night at the Staatsoper. Not only was the music outstanding, but the sets were so visually enticing and extravagant. I also had a great view into the pit from my seat up in the Galerie (the top balcony) which I was very pleased with. 

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