Friday, January 25, 2013

First musical experiences of Prague.

Upon our arrival in Prague we saw a keyboarding recital at a lovely church. I had thought going into it that it would be featuring harpsichord, organ, and piano, and as an organ enthusiast I was very excited. It turned out to be two women playing a concert of four handed repertoire for the pianoforte. This was still very nice and pleasant to listen to, although I do have to admit that I sympathize with Beethoven's frustration of the limitations of the pianoforte. Nevertheless, it was very cool to see this instrument performed love in such a relaxed and beautiful setting.
The following night, we attended Madama Butterfly at the Czech State Opera, the music was stunning, and Puccini certainly exerted his timeless ability to create a tearjerker. It was a nice contrast with the other operas we have seen - each one articulating a different style of production and presentation.

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