Saturday, January 19, 2013

I REALLY enjoyed that performance!

Ok so I went into this thinking that I wouldn't really like this performance, I figured it'd be terrible to get through. I came out of it loving it!! I think it's my favorite opera so far. The music was very energetic and exciting, this particular composer seemed to love brass instruments! I really loved that it had choral parts, it really added to the intensity of the opera. The singing was wonderful, I was surprised that the "bad guy" who was killing himself in his own guilt was a tenor singer usually the bad guy is a bass. The music in general was very moving. The sets were amazing, I love the rotating set, the turning the dinner table into a bed made me laugh. I really enjoyed watching the set changes and imagining how everything works and is connected. I also enjoyed the lighting and how they used it to express what was happening at the time. Especially during the part where he was drunk and confessing his hatred for himself, his complete guilt and the entire stage had this red and blue light design dancing around the stage! I also loved how the expressed the time (season and day/night) through lighting. It was so fascinating! SOOO summary: I really enjoyed that performance!

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