Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bye Bye Bratislava

Well Bratislava was beautiful and amazing, I'm going to miss this little village. I really wish we had more time here. However, my last day was spent having fun with friends and experiencing the culture of Slovakia. To start off I went to mass, which had a not very impressive choir (sorry to any fans out there but...yikes). I did enjoy getting to hear an organ, though. :) Then after a lovely bagel lunch a small group of us girls went to get our feet eaten by fish. This was so weird!! It tickled but was strangely relaxing and made skin super soft, it was a lovely bonding opportunity for my fellow ticklish classmates. This activity was followed by some drinks, shopping and outdoor skating! I've missed skating so much so this was a wonderful day even though I had to wear skates 2 sizes too big (which was terrifying in itself). Some of the Slovakian skaters can be pretty good on the ice...but very pushy at times. I felt very sorry for the children who were getting run over by the teenagers. The lack of regulation was very unfortunate for the young ones. Pretty much it was a day of relaxation and fun with friends!

Girls Day Out

Hungry Fishies


So adorable! Best training buddy ever!

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