Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today I saw the Vienna Philharmonic. Woah. We had standing room only tickets so I made sure to wear comfortable shoes and a lightweight dress to help with the heat of a hundred music enthusiasts in one small room.  I couldn’t really believe that we were going to see the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna! I mean seriously, how lucky am I?

I discovered I wasn’t as lucky as I thought during the second movement of Beethoven's 7th. For some reason my body was telling me that something was wrong, I tried the whole mind over matter technique and stayed to listen, but that didn’t end up turning out so well. After making it through the main theme of the second movement, my body couldn’t take it anymore, so I grabbed my purse to go get a glass of water. Not knowing what was actually happening to my body, I was able to figure out very quickly in the next thirty seconds.  In the first ten feet I lost my hearing. The next two steps I lost my vision.Finally, the last thing I remember was that I was falling and everything was black.

Thankfully I woke to three very kind Austrians who broke my fall. They were whispering very sweetly to me in German; giving me water, elevating my feet. (Turns out wearing a dress wasn’t the best idea. Hello, Vienna!)  Next thing I knew my lifeless body was being lifted into a wheelchair and taken into the on-site doctor. After five minutes of a very slow revival; it hit me. I had just passed out onto very nice Austrians and ended up showing my back-side to at least fifteen unsuspecting people… Oops.

This embarrassing moment was either a result of being overwhelmed with the orchestra’s beautiful sound, or that I was dehydrated from food poisoning the night before. We’ll never know. What I do know is that Austrians are the nicest people in the world! Once the doctor found out I had come so far to see the orchestra, she asked an usher to find me an empty seat. Thirty minutes later I was in a several hundred dollar seat. What?! Feeling guilty that the rest of my class had to keep standing but also grateful that this seat helped heal by dignity, I watched the second half of the most memorable concert in my life. The Vienna Phil playing Firebird and Bolero has been, and most likely forever will be, the best musical experience in my life. Luckily for me, I have a funny story to help me remember it. 

Stay posted for tomorrow's blog when I can intellectually discuss my experience listening to these fine musicians. For right now, I had to share my unusual experience. Thanks for listening ;)

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